The big moment everyone was waiting for has arrived.  The champions of TI5 have been crowned and it is none other than Evil Geniuses who raised the coveted Aegis of Champions at the end of the tournament.  The team takes away a staggering $6,616,014 for winning the tournament.

The final day was far from easy for the North American team, as they had to initially play against LGD Gaming in the lower bracket final.  EG proved themselves here though, quickly dispatching their competition with a 2-0 victory.  CDEC Gaming now faced them in the grand final, the team that had previously won 2-0 against EG to send them to the lower bracket finals.

CDEC’s path to the finals has been dubbed as a Cinderella story, as they were able to qualify through the wild card stage and make their way through the upper bracket all the way to the final.  The grand final produced some tightly fought games.  EG however were prepared this time and eventually took a 3-1 victory over their Chinese rivals.  CDEC will be disappointed not to win after coming so far, but they will still walk away with $2,848,561 in prize money.  A well deserved victory from EG, and one which the home crowd will be thankful for.  With EG emerging on top from a top four consisting of three Chinese teams.

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