In the latest developer video from Creative Assembly, the team behind the Total War franchise, we get our first look at the dwarven race in the upcoming Total War: Warhammer. Joining the already revealed Empire and Greenskin armies, dwarves are described as “powerfully built, strong, accomplished fighters, preferring sharp edged axes and pulverizing hammers over the crude stabbing weapons of inferior races.”

Though showcasing only a few basic units, the teaser gives a pretty good look at the general aesthetic of the dwarves, along with the “bundled strength,” the animators have worked into the unit movements. A full reveal of the dwarven army is promised to come soon.

Last month Creative Assembly released a full developer walkthrough of ‘The Battle of Black Fire Pass,’ a quest battle for Emperor Karl Franz, seeing the Empire pitted against the Greenskin orc horde, displaying a wide range of units for each army.

Until we see more, what do you think of the first glimpses of the dwarves? Ready to get those beards covered in orc blood? Let us know in the comments.

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