World of Warcraft: Legion has been announced as the next part of the saga of Warcraft, so what does that mean for the story? Alex Afrasiabi was on stage at Gamescom to reveal some plot details for us.

The questing in Legion will take place on The Broken Isles which up until the effects of the Great Sundering 10,000 years ago was at the heart of Azeroth and a huge Night Elf civilisation but is now a long forgotten graveyard to it’s former inhabitants, the traces of the whom we will see in the landscape itself. It is in this land, at the Tomb of Sargeras, that Gul’dan has created a portal to hundreds of other Legion worlds and is preparing the largest demonic invasion that Azeroth has ever seen. It is on the Brokne Shore, at the Tomb of Sargeras that we’ll take part in a huge battle against Gul’dan and his Legion before the expansion even launches. From there, after the battle, the world will be on the brink of annihilation so players will have to establish class orders to take the fight to the Legion.

To fight back, the forces of Azeroth will have to enlist the help of the Demon Hunters, The Illidari, and the help of the Titans. To gain the favour of the Titans we will have to quest through the new zones to collect the Pillars of Creation, relics used to shape the world which we will have to use to seal the portal at the heart of the Tomb of Sargeras. Khadgar, now leading the Kirin Tor, will be moving Dalaran to the Broken Isles to be the hub city once again.

The zones will each have individual story lines that tie in to the main arc. Val’sharah, home of druid-ism, is where we’ll face Zavius and see what he’s doing with the Emerald Nightmare. Stormheim is where we will learn more about the history of the Valkir and the Kvaldir whilst fight the Vrykul God-King. Azsuna is where the bones of the ancient night elf empire are most obvious and where we will encounter Queen Azshara in a race to the Pillar in that location. The Taurens of Highmountain are the keepers of the relic of Kaz’goroth and while we’re here we’ll stumble onto the lair of Neltharion AKA Deathwing and Nessingwary will be around in this area to. A new race of elves resides in Suramar, they have become corrupted by years and years of exposure to there powerful magics and it’s here that we will encounter Gul’dan. And finally what about Alleria and Turalyon? Well after all these years we’re finally going to get to know what happened to them here.

So there is going to be plenty of lore to sink your teeth into in this expansion, plenty of old faces showing up as well as many new ones. What do you think so far? Enough to make you keep your subscription? Or renew it if you cancelled? Let me know below!

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