A new twelve minute XCOM 2 gameplay trailer has been released by 2K and Firaxis Games.

The trailer goes into detail in explaining how the game has changed from the stand-out reboot back in 2012 with XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It shows off a variety of things such as character customization, recruitment and the new mobile XCOM HQ. There’s also explanations of uprade paths for equipment and abilities.

The full trailer, titled “Welcome to the Avenger” can be viewed below:

XCOM 2’s story is different to the first in one key way – the aliens already won. Taking place 20 years in the future, players will lead an underground campaign against an established new, alien world order using re-purposed alien tech.

XCOM 2 is scheduled for PC launch this November, with a console port likely dependent on demand as it has not been announced as of yet.

You can read more about XCOM 2 in our report on the reveal here.

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