Unveiled as Project Treasure at the April Nintendo Direct; the Wii U title is now getting a brand new name and some gameplay footage: Lost Reavers.

Bandai Namco is the company behind Lost Reavers; a co-op dungeon crawler with loads of customization and perks. The goal of the game is to work together and explore deep ancient ruins in order to obtain treasure and loot to bring back to the den. Working together with others over the net, you’ll be able to traverse ruins and protect one another as you complete objectives to progress.

The game won’t just feature exploring ruins and gathering loot while fending off monsters that attack your team; you’ll also encounter boss fights while exploring the ruins and will have to take it down with your team.

The trailer above also shows off a ‘Multi-View Action’ system that enables for a more efficient and fluid transition in camera angle during fights in order to effectively use each of the 4 playable character’s weapons.

Japan will be getting a beta in the next few days; no word out on whether the west will be receiving this beta too. Lost Reavers is slated for release worldwide and will be on the Wii U for free.

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