Xbox boss, Phil Spencer hinted earlier this week at Microsoft announcing the next bunch of Xbox 360 games that will come to the Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Unfortunately, he seems to have spoke in error.

Friday night Spencer posted the above tweet apologizing for the misinformation, saying we will have to wait until next week. The backwards compatibility feature is available to Preview Program members as they perfect it and will be available to everyone in November. There is expected to be over 100 available titles at launch and Microsoft has promised all Games with Gold for the Xbox 360 will be made available on Xbox One as well with this feature.

Many publishers have expressed excitement at the chance to revitalize their back-catalogs. Criterion hopes to bring Burnout Paradise to the modern console and Ubisoft and EA have both come out about their high hopes for the feature. On the fan backwards compatibility voting page, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Red Dead Redemption are currently the top candidates. Spencer also hinted at the possibility for original Xbox titles in the future.

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