For a limited period of time, Xbox One owners with EA Access membership will be able to get Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC expanion for absolutely free.

However the period of time in which to redeem your free copy is very limited, and actually ends today, on September 3rd. “It’s yours to keep forever” said Battlefield 4 publisher EA, suggesting that a renewed membership would not be necessary to keep the expansion on your system.

Set in the South China sea, the Naval Strike expansion does what it says on the tin, and introduces players to four brand new multiplayer maps, all of which are set at sea, five new weapons, two new gadgets and a hovercraft vehicle that is able to function both on land and water.

EA Access is currently priced at $5/£4 per month, and $30/£20 for a full year of membership, bringing you 10% of all EA digital content, whether it be full priced games or in-game purchases.

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