With Star Wars Battlefront releasing on November 17th, fans of the game have been wondering whether there would be a Beta. And with little word about it at PAX, all seemed lost. But now we have a new hope: according to Sony’s Playstation Blog, Battlefront will be getting a PS4 Beta in early October.

While no specific date was mentioned, the “technical test” will feature a 40-player battle on Hoth, titled as a walker assault mission. The mode will most likely mirror the gameplay trailer we were shown at E3 2015. Players will also get the chance in-game to play as either Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker.

A second mode will also be playable for those that play the Beta. The second mode is called Survival Mode, where yourself and a friend play as Rebels fighting off waves of Stormtroopers. A third mode, called Drop Zone, was announced, but no information other than its existence was mentioned.

The Battlefront companion app will also be available during the Beta, allowing players to unlock items and weapons in-game. While the announcement was somewhat vague, the announcement of the Beta in and of itself is quite exciting, especially for Battlefront fans. No information on how the Beta will be distributed was discussed, however.

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