Fallout 4 will have improved gun gameplay, but Bethesda didn’t make it happen without a little help.

Developer Id Software, best known as the minds behind titles such as Doom and Rage, reportedly helped Bethesda optimize gameplay in the upcoming Fallout title. A video from E3 2015 recently surfaced containing an interview with the game’s director, Todd Howard.

“If you were to pick it up and play [Fallout 4], it does feel like a modern shooter,” Howard said in the interview. “I won’t say anything bad about Fallout 3, but we wanted to not make any excuses for how the action felt in a role-playing game. We feel we can layer all of the role-playing and stat systems on top of that.”

According to Howard, the gunplay has been completely rebuilt with Id Software’s help from the very beginning.

“Since id Software is part of our company, the first thing we did was call them. [We said] ‘alright, we’re going to do this from scratch, give us some tips,'” Howard said. “So the guns feel great. We have aim down sights, you can play in first and third-person, and then we have the V.A.T.S system.”

Fallout 4 is set to release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on November 10.

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