It was recently suggested that in Destiny’s upcoming expansion – The Taken King – it was originally planned for players to have three AI companions accompany them on missions. Also, three Cryptarchs were supposedly intended to be present. Fan theories created rumors that such content has since been removed, but Bungie has responded by saying that they are just that, theories, and that none of it was true in the first place.

Creative director Luke Smith had this to say on the matter.

“Love you guys, but sorry to wet blanket. Almost all of this is fan fiction mixed with some hopes gleaned from ViDOCs from when Destiny was in development infancy in the forever ago.”

He did however address one claim in particular regarding the Vault of Glass raid. Below is the theory followed by Smith’s response.

Theory: “Vault of Glass consisted of rescuing Kabr and fighting along side him against Atheon, he would then sacrifice himself and forge Aegis Shield, allowing your team to finish off Atheon. But after the rework of the story of the game, this was scrapped and made into a Grimoire instead.”

What Smith had to say: “E.g., That was literally never a plan for VOG. I wrote the high level story for Vault (Kabr, Praedyth), named the armor sets/AI/bosses and wrote the weapon/armor descriptions and gave that to the writers who wrote the deep lore for the Grimoire.”

So there you go, it look like the content didn’t exist after all.


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