Apple has a stake in more than a large chunk of the mobile gaming market but has stayed relatively distant from competing with console gaming platforms. That may be about to change.

According to technology reports, the next iteration of Apple TV will be the company’s first foray into challenging Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

The unconfirmed report states that when the new Apple TV launches, it will include a ‘Siri Remote.’ The remote, while maintaining strong integration with using Siri voice commands to control just about everything, will also contain motion sensors similar to the Wii’s remote controllers. The controller will include both physical buttons as well as a touchpad interface.

The article states the the new 4th-gen Apple TV will be set with “improved power consumption, data speeds, and signal reliability.”

In an appeal to attract console gamers, players will reportedly get to use the controller of their preference, with a choice from the packed-in remote controller or third-party Bluetooth enabled controllers.

The new Apple TV is expected to be revealed and shown off at the upcoming Apple event on September 9, where the new iPhone is also expected to make its debut. The 4th-gen Apple TV is then set to launch in October for between $149-$199 dollars.

Do you want to play your games on an ‘Apple console?’

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