With Destiny: The Taken King only a few days away, fans can expect coverage for this massive game to build all the way up to its Sept. 15th launch date. Playstation Japan released a new advert for the expansion that does an amazing job of balancing earnestness and comedy in a way that only a Japanese advert can.

A live-action trailer for The Taken King was also released earlier today which showed off new enemies that will be featured in the expansion called “The Taken” and featured music from Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog.”

Destiny players are now able to experience most of the new changes in Destiny Year Two with the Destiny 2.0 update, but not all players were able to experience it as some Xbox One and 360 players had installation file issues while others with last generation consoles didn’t have enough hard drive space for the update.

Also, The Taken King’s new crucible maps and game modes, like Rift and Mayhem, are available to all Destiny players between now and when the game launches on Tuesday. 

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