A possible release date for Darksiders II Definitive Edition might have just been leaked by online retailers. Walmart, Best Buy,  Gamestop, and Amazon all show that the remastering of the 2012 game released for the 7th generation will be released on October 27th for the PS4 and the Xbox One. While no word from Nordic Games has officially announced, it seems as though Darksiders II Definitive Edition will be releasing in the next month.

Gunfire Games has been working on the port. While generally ports made by other developers is a red flag for ports, the development team is apparently run almost entirely by people who worked on the original Darksiders II.

On their site, Gunfire has gone over what is actually being put into creating this remastering. “This isn’t a simple port. We’ve put a lot of time to improve both the visuals and gameplay to make it on par with current releases. It’s been fun adding more polish to a game that is near and dear to our hearts.”

If the online postings are to be believed, Darksiders II Definitive Edition will release for $30, which is a great price for a full remastering of an awesome game. Still unsure of how decent the port will be? Check out the video below comparing some original and remastered screenshots of Darksiders II Definitive Edition.

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