Dragon Quest Heroes received a bunch of DLC upon its release in Japan, adding new episodes with extra costumes and an additional playable character unlocked upon beating them. These will all be included on the disc for the North American and European release of the game at no extra cost, Square Enix has announced.

This includes Alena’s episode with her original Dragon Quest IV costume, while completing her Colissea Cup quest unlocks outfits for Tsarevna and Kiryl, as well as rare accessories. To access the DLC episodes, you’ll need to progress through the main story to a set juncture and meet certain conditions, at which point you’ll get four letters at the in-game post office. You can then open them to activate the DLC quests.

Other bonus episodes include battles against giant bosses such as Bjørn the Behemoose from Dragon Quest V, The Great Demon Lord Zoma from Dragon Quest III, Psaro the Manslayer from Dragon Quest IV and Dragon Quest VI boss Nokturnus.

There’ll be unique stories and battles for Alena and Kiryl, Maya, Terry, Bianca and Nera, Terry, and Yangus and Jessica too. They’ll all be included in Dragon Quest Heroes when it launches in the west for PS4 on 13th October in North America and 16th October in Europe.

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