Bethesda is aiming to launch Fallout 4’s modding tools in “early 2016”, according to game director Todd Howard.

In a newly published video from Bethesda, Howard explained that Fallout 4’s mod creation kit “will come out early 2016” on PC, with Xbox One and PS4 versions coming later. However, he said that the timetable was still “fuzzy.”

Howard explained, “We’re doing mods on the PC in a similar manner to what we did with Skyrim. You’ll have all the PC mods, but what’s really exciting is we are finally bringing it to consoles.”

Due to the complex nature of creating mods, it’s likely that console players won’t have the facilities to create mods themselves, but rather be able to utilise mods created by PC users.

“Once we get the creation kit out on PC, it’s then going to come to Xbox One,” Howard added. “There’s a lot of back-end things we need to do, and once that’s done the plan is to talk with Sony and get them on board, but the timetable is kind of fuzzy right now. ”

Fallout 4 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 10th.

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