Square Enix has revealed more details on fishing and Chocobo riding in Final Fantasy XV. The gameplay mechanics were featured during a live stream at Tokyo Game Show today.

Fishing will be an integral part of the hunting and cooking process in the game. Players will be able to fish in ponds, lakes and other bodies of water they find. This is done by following the age old method of casting the fishing pole line into the water and waiting for a bite. When the player’s line gets a bite they’ll have to ‘fight’ the fish by following the on-screen prompts to keep it on the line and reel it in. When the fish has been reeled in, Ignis will cook it. Like other cooked foods in the game, it will provide the party with a status buff. There’s going to be many different kinds of fishing rods and lures available for players to use to catch different fish.

Chocobo riding, something I’m REALLY excited about, will also be present in Final Fantasy XV. When riding a Chocobo the player can make it walk, dash and jump to reach higher places that players are otherwise unable to get to. Chocobos will be present throughout the world of Final Fantasy XV, and there will be a variety of activities involving Chocobos available.

Director Hajime Tabata teased the possibility of introducing Gilgamesh as part of a DLC pack. Gilgamesh is a character who appears in several Final Fantasy games, usually as a sword collector or warrior. Tabata also confirmed that there will be downloadable costume changes for the male characters.

Final Fantasy XV will launch simultaneously worldwide in 2016 for the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One. A more specific launch date will be revealed in March next year. Recently, a new trailer was released for Tokyo Game Show titled Dawn 2.0.

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