Sony have officially lowered the RRP for the PS4 in Japan, cutting it by 12 percent down to 34,980 yen.

The cut was announced by Sony Japan executives at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and goes into effect on October 31. When converted, the 2013 launch price of $334 has dropped down to $292.

Sadly, there was no mention of this price drop coming into effect or triggering other discounts in other regions at TGS. PS4 sales have surpassed Sony’s predictions completely since it shipped back in 2013, but analysts have pointed out that they believe Japan to be the console’s weakest market. In essence, the price drop could be seen as a way to encourage console sales.

Tokyo Game Show was home to a slew of new details on upcoming titles such as Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and the competitive shooter Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps. Keep checking back in to Gamespresso for all the latest news.

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