blog_frankfurt_major_announcementBranching off the success brought in by The International, Valve had been working on seasonal tournaments to help fill in the lull between the annually biggest Dota 2 tournament. As we make our way through Spring, the tournament is finalizing its details to initialize the very first Spring Major in Germany for the Frankfurt Major.

The post on the Dota 2 blog post mentions that this Major will run between November 16th to 21st. The tournament will be held at the Festhalle Messe for those 6 days, with 16 teams competing for the $3 million prize pool. While organized by Valve, it was mentioned that ESL will be producing the event. Frankfurt and ESL are no strangers when it comes to running Dota 2 events as they had both seen a ESL One tournament back in June this year.

Setting up a new precedence from The International, the Frankfurt Major will be public and will not require tickets to watch with the exception of the finals. You will need to purchase a ticket to the Frankfurt Major finals which will be on the last day (November 21st). You will be able to start buying the tickets on Sunday the 27th of September. It will be sold in separate waves in order to give a chance to people to buy the tickets. The first is at 11:00am CEST and the second is at 7:00pm CEST. They will be running at €50.

It was announced that teams directly invited to the Major as well as the Regional Qualifier entrants will be revealed on October 5th. There will also be an Open Qualifier for this event that starts on October 6th to the 9th. These qualifier matches will be run by FaceIt and Perfect World which have had an extensive history with running Dota 2 events. Registrations to the Open Qualifiers will start on October 1st.

Get your 5 stacks and MMR up, it’s time to press the attack! The eSports scene is ramping up with over 3 million reasons why you should try your hand at the Major. After the interim of team swaps and changes, this Major is sure to see some incredibly plays and teams come out of the shadows. Especially with the impending release of the 6.85 patch on its way.

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