Developer of the Diablo-but-with-guns game, Borderlands, has released more details about their MOBA with guns, Battleborn. Yes, 2K has revealed on Monday that Gearbox Software’s upcoming game would boast more playable characters than all prior games in the Borderlands franchise, DLC included.

And according to the numbers, they aren’t lying. Adding up the player-controlled protagonists from the last three installments, there were 16 unique characters to choose from, 18 if you include the duo Fiona and Rhys from Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands spin-off. Battleborn has 25 playable characters.

Gearbox went on to talk about how many combinations and possibilities came with these characters. There’s a certain level of elaborate math here, every hero having a max of ten levels with two skills per level, so that’s 1,024 on an individual level. Then there are the five player co-op scenarios which Gearbox boasts has 49,576,665,600 possible combinations and team configurations.

Are these numbers exaggerations? Considering the fact that the competitive scene thrives on depth and complexity, probably not. But we won’t know for sure if any of those combinations will even work or be helpful to teams online. Hopefully that number will be high as well when the game launches on February 9th for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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