Healing Process: Tokyo is developed by Eclipse JP. Founded by Sam L. Jones and his wife Kou in 2015, Jones’s aspiration in life is to compose for video games, and he is starting with Healing Process: Tokyo.

The demo for Healing Process: Tokyo is already completed, and you can play it following a link on the Kickstarter campaign page.

The goal for the Kickstarter is set at £9,120, and currently £1,726 is pledged to the campaign. Healing Process: Tokyo has already been greenlit on Steam, but the development team needs more funding to help speed the process along.

Healing Process: Tokyo is described as a throw back to interactive storytelling. The game, which follows Charles Russell, is about a man who has lost what he feels like is everything. His beloved wife has passed away. Charles Russell is a respected surgeon, and he has lost multiple patients on the table since losing his wife. He decides to take one day off to try and regain his composure.

Throughout the game, you’ll read through his journals, explore Tokyo in a open-world type setting, and hope to get enough of Charles Russell’s composure back to successfully perform an operation.

There are reward tiers ranging from £5 to £1,500. With 4 stretch goals announced, including 24 hours of Gameplay, Additional Orchestral OST, Complete Animation Rehaul, and Doubled combat content.

The game already features a OST by Sam L. Jones that is over 2 hours long.

4 developers are currently working on Healing Process: Tokyo. With a succesful funding, Eclipse JP will be adding Nick Howard to the roster of developers. Nick Howard is a programmer that works mainly with Unity.
Sam L. Jones, Igor Green, Niho Ame, and Casey Mustain are the current employees for the development team.

Sam L. Jones, Director, Composer, Creator of the Original Concept. He composes music for Chickenword, A Credible Tale, Spooky Cave, and various titles for developer Adam Tilley.

Igor Green, freelance Pixel Artist and Animator, has been brought on to Eclipse JP to do the art for Healing Process: Tokyo.

Niho Ame, Concept Art and Promtoional Art, works directly for Eclipse JP.

Casey Mustain is responsible for the Script, Story, and editing it all up to make a clean game. Taking the idea from Sam L. Jones and creating it into what Healing Process: Tokyo is.

Healing Process: Tokyo only has 16 days to go before the Kickstarter is over. Don’t miss this opportunity to back a unique game.

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