PS4’s next system software update 3.00 (codename “Kenshin”) is bringing a whopping amount of new features to the console.

The beta test for update 3.00 will begin soon and those who were selected to have a slot in the beta test will have a lot to try out. However, Sony notes that all features may not make it into the final release of 3.00, hence the reason for the beta. See all the features possibly coming soon below.

  • 3.00 will see PS4 online storage capacity increase from 1 GB to 10 GB for all PS Plus members, alongside a new usage meter allowing you to monitor your storage capacity.
  • Sony is jumping on the YouTube Gaming bandwagon as users will be able to livestream gameplay to YouTube, where it will be viewable across the YouTube Gaming app and website.
  • Events will be a new hub that gives an overview of your most played games, sending you notifications on special in-game events and official broadcasts.
  • The friends list is set to contain ‘Favorite Groups,’ letting you have quicker access to groups of people you play with frequently. Another social feature comes by the way of ‘Communities,’ which are groups based around shared interests, whether it be game titles, genres, or more. Communities will contain message boards with discussion, the ability to share screenshots, as well as join parties.
  • Upload video clips directly to Twitter with a maximum length of 10 seconds.
  • If typing is somehow too much for you, you’ll be able to send stickers in messages you send to friends.
  • The ‘What’s New’ screen will show even more about what you friends are doing, where you’ll be able to easily jump into a game, party, or go right to the PS Store to pickup the game your friend is playing.
  • The Live From PlayStation app will receive improvements, making it easer to see what broadcasts are currently trending.
  • If you’re just dying to watch your friend play their game, you can now send a ‘Request to Watch’ notification, prompting them to choose to start a live broadcast of the game their playing.

What do you hope makes it into the final version of PS4 update 3.00? Let us know below!

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