Lt. Morales is expected to be released in the next few weeks, and Gamespot has a list of the basic abilities out. Blizzard employee Trikslyr confirmed the ability list on Reddit.

Healing Beam (Q): Heal a single ally every half second for as long as they remain near you. Pressing Q allows you to reselect your target, or you can cancel the channeling by activating your trait. There is no cooldown on this ability.

Safeguard (W): Reduce the damage the targeted ally takes for three seconds.

Displacement Grenade (E): Throw out a grenade that explodes as soon as it comes into contact with an enemy, dealing damage and knocking nearby enemies back.

Medivac Dropship (R): Select a spot to travel to, causing you to enter a dropship. Teammates can then join you, and after four seconds, you’ll travel to the chosen area.

Stim Drone (R): Select an ally to receive a 75 percent increase in attack speed and 25 percent additional movement speed for ten seconds.

Caduceus Reactor (Trait): After going four seconds without taking damage, regenerate 3 percent of your max health every second.

Lt. Morales will be the second support hero for the StarCraft universe, and it appears like she will play similarly to Sgt. Hammer. Keep the enemy team at a distance, and you’ll be okay. Artanis will be following Lt. Morales into the Nexus 3-4 weeks after her official launch, so keep your eyes out for StarCraft’s first warrior class in Heroes of the Storm.

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