Announced merely yesterday, Infinity Blade III would be completely free for the iOS. To add to that, the assets from Infinity Blade is also available for use on the Unreal Engine Marketplace for budding game developers to utilize. All the assets shown below was worth over $3 million to design, including sound design. With over 7600 assets seperated in over 8 packs, there is a plethora of content to use and play around with for the Unreal Engine.



As a run through; these are the packs that will be available:

  • Infinity Blade: Grass Lands – Which include citadels, fields and stone structures
  • Infinity Blade: Ice Lands – Containing snowy forts and ice caves
  • Infinity Blade: Fire Lands – Castles and lava features
  • Infinity Blade: Warriors – Consists of props and features to create characters
  • Infinity Blade: Adversaries – Even more features to create enemy characters
  • Infinity Blade: Effects – Contains visual particle effects and the like to give some dynamics
  • Infinity Blade: Sounds – Thousands of raw audio files and sound clips
  • Infinity Blade: Weapons – Has the materials to construct weapons and includes familiar series weaponry

With so much content, it’s hardly surprising that users would get a bit overwhelmed. Of course if you delve right in, you can probably find some things to enjoy. All of this is completely free for use right here on the marketplace. If you’re handy with the Unreal Engine show us what you got! These are some very incredible assets that are available for free, it’ll be a shame to not abuse it!

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