This past Tuesday Judgement Uther was added to the Nexus.

Judgement Uther’s set, based on the Tier 2 set from World of Warcraft, is one of the most iconic armour sets in any MMORPG. Tier 2 came from a combination of Black Wing Lair and Molten Core, both 40 man raids in Vanilla WoW.

Judgement Uther has been released in 2 bundles and as a stand alone skin.

The complete Uther bundle comes with Uther, Lumberjack Uther skin, Medic Uther skin, Judgement Uther skin, and the Judgement charger.
The Judgement bundle contains Uther, Judgement Uther skin, and the Judgement charger.

Both are dynamic bundles and will change their prices depending on how many items you currently own. The skin, which as 3 different variants, is pictured below in game.

Will you be picking up the Judgement Uther skin?

judgementcharger uther1

uther2 uther3


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