Konami recently published a video detailing gameplay for the upcoming Metal Gear Online, which launches October 6.

The video goes into detail about 3 character classes: the infiltrator, the scout, and the enforcer, discussing skills, weapons, and strategies.

For a more in-depth look, check out the video below!

In short terms, here are the classes.


Infiltrators are meant for stealth and CQC. You’ll want to have camouflage on these guys.


These guys have high armor, stamina, and are usually equipped with heavy weapons. Think of them like a standard assault/soldier class.


Scouts are best suited for gathering intel and marking targets, equip them with sniper rifles.

Unique characters make up a fourth class and Konami showed off Ocelot and Snake. Revolver Ocelot, true to his name, fights with twin revolvers and can ricochet bullets. Snake can fire his bionic arm at enemies. Yes, Snake has a rocket-arm.



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