Among rumours of abandoning AAA game development, Konami has blasted the rumour mill and tells us all not to “believe everything we hear in the press.”

UK community manager Graham Day has claimed in a new interview that these are rumours that are taken “out of context,” whilst also stressing that Metal Gear Solid can continue as a franchise even without Hideo Kojima at the helm.

Speaking to Game On Daily about the Kojima departure, Day replied with “Metal Gear is about the story, it’s about the characters.” Whilst he was interrupted and told that MGS is Kojima’s “baby,” Day points to Platinum Games’ Metal Gear Rising Revengeance as a perfect example of how the franchise can be developed without direct Kojima input.  Day explained that it was “an example of the title being taken in a new direction by separate teams with obviously hands-in from other parties,” and  remained “in itself a very, very good game” even though it was developed elsewhere.

He simply explained that we should remain confident in Konami, as their commitment to AAA and console gaming has “never changed” and everything has been “taken out of context.” Konami have simply “embraced” mobile gaming, and that certainly doesn’t mean “everything else has to quit.” Basically, we don’t have to worry about Konami giving up on beloved franchises besides PES.

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