Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash finally gets a release date.

The latest Mario Tennis game will be available November 20th 2015. It will be exclusively available for the Wii U. The price of the game was revealed to be $50 rather than the usual $60. The game’s price was announced on Nintendo’s twitter page.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will have both online and local multiplayer up to 4 players. The game also has a bunch of new features. One of the main features is the Mega Battles. In these battles, Mega Mushrooms are thrown onto the tennis court, and once a player walks into the mushroom he or she becomes a giant. The giant status does have a time limit. An example of a giant character is located in the picture above.

Movement seems to be much quicker than the past titles, and a new jump shot technique has been added to the game. New characters will be making their first time appearance into the new Mario Tennis game. It will be exciting to see what new characters, power-ups, and other features will make there way into the game.

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