EA announced on Twitter that NBA Live 16’s face-scanning app has been delayed. No official word on when the new release date will be, but EA stated it will face a “short” delay. The app, which allows users to scan their face into NBA Live 16, was supposed to release September 8th.

NBA Live 16 is scheduled to release September 29th for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. A demo is scheduled to launch on September 15th. EA Sports stressed that the delay of the face-scanning app will not effect the release of the demo. The demo will allow you to import face scans from the companion app and the new game modes, Tip-off mode and the new Pro-Am offering.

Last year, NBA 2k15 allowed face scans and some of the results were terrifying. We will see what happens when the face-scanning app does release for NBA Live 16. 


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