Microsoft recently partnered with Oculus and have been working together. All Oculus Rift devices ship with an Xbox One controller. This has led many to believe if Microsoft and Oculus could work together to make the Oculus Rift supported on the Xbox One. In an interview with Polygon, Oculus Product VP, Nate Mitchell put that rumor to rest.

“It has been a conversation, but I can say we’re not so close,” he told Polygon when asked about an Xbox One-compatible Rift, reiterating previous statements. This is due in part to the difficulty in “deliver[ing] a great experience reliably on Windows.”

Oculus is focusing on providing a great experience on the PC. Adding the Xbox One to their plate would complicate matters and they prefer to perfect the PC version first. Sony, meanwhile, has shown its stance on VR with its own Project Morpheus. No official price or release date has been revealed, though, from Sony. It will be interesting to see how VR turns out between the two powerhouse consoles.

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