With 24 days left in the Kickstarter campaign for Divinity: Original Sin 2, backers have managed to hit the stretch goal that will allow for playable undead races among other things. The project smashed its goal in mere hours and even before the stretch goals were revealed. So far, including the playable undead race, Original Sin 2 will also contain the strategist difficulty goal, skill tree expansion and racial skills. At $1.35 million, the game will have another skill tree expansion and at $1.5 million, the ‘Hall of Echoes’ opens up which is the place the dead go according to the Divinity lore.

Larian Studios had just put up details on the Kickstarter surrounding the undead race and certain features and skills that will be accessible for them. There is also a little update video from the team:

As mentioned there will be three types of undead in the world of Divinity: the Faint ones, the Raised ones and the Chosen ones. The Faint ones are the undead that resist the call into the Hall of Echoes and slowly deteriorate and lose their memories and purpose. The Raised ones are the undead that come into play thanks to a necromancer’s influence. These variants stay loyal to the necromancer thanks to some form of steady ‘source’ that keeps them addicted. The final ones, the Chosen ones are a society of undead that much like the Faint, resist the Hall of Echoes but still retain their ‘sanity’ and function with each other to live normally. These final variants are rumored to exist but the majority of the world have no idea.

The team also threw out some ideas for skills that the undead could have including:

Regenerate while Frozen, can’t heal while Burning.
Cold preserves the dead, after all.

Immune to Fear. Immune to Bleed.
There are some advantages to living in the hollow, fleshless margins of the living.

HandFoot Grenade.
Cause you’ve got a bone to pick with those goblins…

Bleed Poison.
There’s nothing life is more allergic to than death.|

Source Addiction. (Passive)
Undead start out with +20% max hp due to ignoring pain and some wounds, but (very) slowly deteriorate to -20% max hp due to decomposition. The bonus can be reset via Source Revivification (Source, Active).

Grave Chill (Active)
Drastically reduce the surrounding temperature, downgrading each status: Burning -> Warm, None->Chill, etc.

Necromantic Command (Source)
Take control of target skeleton or zombie for 3 turns (goes into summon slot, replacing existing summons). It is destroyed at the end of the duration.

Soul Devourer (Source) Suck the soul right from the living body of a character. Without a soul, the target devolves to animalistic instincts, attacking nearest characters until death. Doesn’t leave a body, doesn’t spawn a Faint.


The undead is a fantastic inclusion to the series. It leads to some interesting concepts and some very intricate storytelling in the world of Divinity. What are your thoughts on this new race? Any other sweet ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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