An image has circulated showcasing when Star Wars Battlefront will be available five days early via EA Access on Xbox One.

This image, originally sourced by ICXM, shows that Star Wars Battlefront will launch on November 12 exclusively to all EA Access members, opening up to the general public on November 17. It also shows that we can look forward to  NBA Live 16 and the Need for Speed, launching September 24/29 and October 29/November 3 respectively (EA Access dates first).

These are as-of-yet unconfirmed dates and EA has not confirmed them itself, however its safe to at least agree with the Star Wars Battlefront release after it was confirmed first playable on EA Access earlier this year.


EA Access is a voluntary subscription service available to Xbox One users. For a monthly fee of $5 (£4 in the UK), players gain access to EA games ahead of their official release date. FIFA 16 made use of EA Access by allowing subscribers to play a total of six hours worth of gametime a week before the game’s general release. All player data would then be transferred over once you purchased the full game.

On top of this, players can receive free games that are playable for unlimited time as long as subscription to EA Access is tenured. Previous titles have included Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4. Access was meant to be available on both the major console platforms, but Sony rejected the membership scheme ergo EA Access is now an Xbox One exclusive offer.

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