Is your Playstation 4 in need of a new theme? Good news! A brand new, absolutely free Witcher 3 theme has been revealed today exclusively for the PS4.

CD Projekt Red is behind the new PS4 theme, which gives us a good look at the prolific characters of both Geralt and Ciri, which you can see below. The theme releases five months after the Witcher 3′ initial release, but with DLC for the game on the horizon, fans will likely welcome Geralt and Ciri to their home page.


However if Geralt and Ciri weren’t the selling point of the game to you, maybe you preferred the landscape, or the various monsters? Even better news then, as CD Projekt Red has also released themes pertaining to both the landscape and the monsters of the game, both of which you can find in the previous links on the Playstation store.

Releasing back in May, the Witcher 3 was a smash-hit success for CD Projekt Red, selling over 6 million copies in just six weeks. The game’s first DLC is also slated to launch next month, called Hearts of Stone, and brings a 10 hour expansion to the game.

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