Masashi Inoue, Xbox Japan’s marketing manager, has high hopes for Platinum Games upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Scalebound.

Speaking to DualShockers at Xbox One Fanfest in Tokyo, Inoue was asked if he believed Scalebound really has the potential to boost Xbox One sales in Japan. He replied: “To be honest… Oh yes. Oh yes.”

“I think not only it’s an exclusive for Xbox, but Platinum Games is well known, and has big fans in Japan and also overseas. So, having seen those great demos, I firmly believe that it’s going to deliver a lot of excitement to our customers, and we’re looking forward to the release.”

It has been confirmed that Scalebound will support four-player co-op. Platinum Games hopes the game will show “the power of what the Xbox One can do.”

Scalebound is set for a 2016 release. The game will be an Xbox One exclusive. Director Hideki Kamiya has said that his goal was to create a new experience for players. “The one thing that I will say is that up until this point in my career, an up until this point in Platinum Games’ history, we’ve never made a game like Scalebound… What I’m trying to do with Scalebound is create a very different kind of game than what I’ve created up until this point.”

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