Back in May, the university of British Columbia won the north American Collegiate Championship, beating out other universities from all across North America.

It’s also no news that a lot of the professional NA teams are home to Canadians, proving that not everything we produce is unfathomably garbage.

Recently, a Saskatchewan based league has formed, currently composed of 7 teams competing in the regular season. The teams are as followed:

Thunder Ducks

Fellowship of the Nerds



Notice Me Senpaiii

Vicious and Delicious

Team Dignitoast

The latter having the most incredible name I have ever heard of, in reference to Team Dignitas, professional NA LCS team. It’s really exciting to know that something as big as League of Legends can bring large and small communities and towns together.

The fall season kicks off September 7th at 6PM EST. You can get the full schedule here.

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