We all respect the fact that Thresh is one of League of Legends’ best supports. He has a great fight initiative with his grab that allows him to pull an enemy towards him and his team, or to latch onto said enemy, pressing Q again and dragging himself towards them. His lantern, when thrown, allows an allied team member to fly towards him and be shielded for a small amount of time, and he has his Flay, which knocks up the enemy.

His ultimate is a pentagon barrier that slows, so if he lands his Q, pulls himself into the enemy team to initiate the flight, he is then able to ult, slow the enemies down and lantern in anyone on his team who can do tons of damage, while the AP and AD carries sit back and do their thing.

In an interview recently conducted by eSports historian Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields, we learn that the champion Thresh is actually in homage to the first professional gamer to ever come to the scene, Dennis ‘Thresh’ Fong.

Known for his ability to absolutely destroy his enemies while figuring out their strategies as easily as breathing, he was given the summoner name Thresh by Riot and had the champion itself named after him.

Some champions and items in the game are named after Riot employees, such as the ADC Ezreal and Guinsoo, item being Guinsoo Rageblade.

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