Anyone that plays Dark souls knows of Ornstein and Smough. Their difficulty as a duo, two-tier boss with hard-to-dodge attacks, lightning damage, and contrast of play styles makes it a tough time for players to fight with three people, let alone go solo. However, the community that has been contributing to Twitch Plays Dark Souls has just beaten the pair.

The game’s switched to a sort of pause-and-vote system instead of actively doing anything it’s told to do. This has drastically increased their performance while, simultaneously making the game much longer. Even though in the month they’ve been playing they’ve managed to die 749 times, they’ve bested the Taurus Demon, ran past the Hellkite’s bridge, and slain the Iron Golem.

If you want to check out the Twitch Plays Dark Souls stream, click here. How much farther do you think they’ll go? Sound off in the comments!

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