Announced this past June at E3, For Honor, a brutal sword fighting game of medieval knights vs. samurai vs. Vikings, was just one of the many surprises in the Ubisoft conference. In a new trailer released at TGS this week however, we are finally getting our first look at the formidible Japanese warrior.

Called the Oni, the warrior “is a swift and lethal duelist who slays his enemies with quickness and mastery. Donning leather and wood armor and wielding a razor-sharp Japanese katana, the Oni strikes fear into his opponents and dominates the battlefield with special abilities such as poisoning his blade, throwing kunai, and unleashing an Arrow Storm.”

From the gameplay footage we’ve seen so far, For Honor uses a unique control system of positioning and reading your opponent for intense, personal fights on the battlefield, all while waging a multiplayer battle for control of capture points.

While no firm release date has been set for the PC/PS4/Xbox One title, look for much more about For Honor in 2016. Until then, what do you think of the samurai warrior? Lethal enough for you? Let us know in the comments.

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