While MMO’s have been finding themselves more at home on consoles lately, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 14 has yet to appear on Xbox One, and it won’t anytime soon.

“It’s business,” according to Microsoft gaming head Phil Spencer. Spencer stated that he was not a “a huge fan” of exclusive deals for third-party titles.

While Microsoft does have a third-party exclusive title, Spencer claims this is different as Microsoft is both involved in the games development and acting as the game’s publisher.

“I want to have strong third-party relations,” Spencer assured, “but paying for many third-party isn’t our long-term strategy.”

On the other hand, Sony has made third-party deals a huge priority, as first-party titles are lacking on the PS4 this year.

Microsoft has opted for third-party deals in the form of exclusive content, such as Fallout 4 mods launching first on Xbox One.

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