At this year’s E3, we saw Microsoft show off new “Elite” controllers for the Xbox One. This controller features a few inputs on the back side that you may have to stretch your fingers a bit to reach. It seems like this may have started a trend from outside companies.

Razer had followed up with their own Xbox One controller, but now it seems Power A is dipping their feet in with the reveal of their own device. GameSpot reported that the Fusion Pro controller, as it is being called, has trigger buttons on the back. These trigger buttons feature locks that can be set, so that you can get a full input without pulling them all the way. The accessory also has custom lighting with 225 color combos.

While it may not have all the features of the Microsoft Elite controller or the Razer Wildcat, Power A’s Fusion Pro controller is certainly a fit for the Xbox One. It is also only $80 as opposed to both the former listed, which are $150 each. Power A’s Fusion Pro controller for the Xbox One will be available on October 26th.

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