It may have been released two years ago, but Battlefield 4 has continued to push out great DLC and keeping players happy. It’s not clear how much longer it will last, but fans of the game can rest assured that DICE isn’t putting this one on the shelves just yet.

Reported on GameSpot, DICE announced that it’s latest DLC will be released for free later this fall across all platforms. This addition to Battlefield 4, being called Community Operations, contains a new map and more unannounced content. The jungle map, Operation Outbreak, contains an ancient temple and a waterfall, and seems to be mostly infantry based. Since this is Battlefield 4, however, quad bikes and other smaller vehicles will definitely give the player some advantage.

Community Operations was named so, due to the fact that this DLC took upon input from the Battlefield 4 community. More information on this DLC should be available in the coming weeks. Until then, check out the trailer below.


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