WildStar might be the next MMO to make the transition to consoles. According to Carbine Studios product director Mike Donatelli said bringing WildStar to consoles “seems to make a lot of sense “, however nothing has been confirmed.

“We have seen many MMOs who have made that transition to console being successful,” he said. “So I think it would be safe to say, without saying too much, that, for any successful MMO who is looking to expand their business, looking at the console seems to make a lot of sense.”

This is not the first incidence where a console transition for WildStar has been discussed. However, Carbine Studios wanted to focus on the game’s home platform before branching out.

If WildStar, which recently went free-to-play, transitioned to consoles, it would join the likes of Neverwinter, Elder Scrolls Online, and Final Fantasy XIV.

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