For all of you PC gamers out there expecting to mod your Fallout 4 on launch day, I have some bad news. Bethesda has released a statement saying that the tools for modding the game are still very distant. In a statement to IGN, vice president of marketing Pete Hines stated that, “Nobody cares about mods if the game sucks.” In the present, he claims that their, “entire focus is on finishing the game.”

If you have ever played a Bethesda game, you know that their release-day products are not always the smoothest. Maybe they need to draw away from mods and focus on eliminating the myriad of bugs we’ve come to associate with the Bethesda franchise.

Hines declared that the modding abilities for Fallout 4 will require a new set of software structuring that hasn’t been developed yet. He believes the software will work on all platforms, but he admits that, “it’s going to take awhile.” In fact, Hines theorizes that it will take into next year to complete this project. Here’s hoping this project is finished sooner than anticipated.

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