A recently announced game titled [8:46] portrays the events of the September 11th, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center buildings through the use of VR. You play as an office worker in the North Tower during the terrorist attack. Recently the game has been getting some flack over being a controversial game, since portraying the events of recent tragedies tends to do.

Developer 086 stated that their intent with [8:46] is to create “a narrative driven experience designed for virtual reality.” The game has been in development for about three months now, and while the game looks a bit pre-alpha-esque, the concept of reliving historical events and tragedies is not something new. Plenty of World War II shooters have relived the events of Stalingrad and the Normandy landing. Games have also, just recently, begun narratives into the Vietnam War.

One thing the developers will have to change on day-one is the voice actors, all of which don’t sound like they’ve ever stepped onto American soil. Other than that, the game seems to attempt to be a sincere attempt to portray a narrative of that tragic day 14 years ago. What do you think about [8:46]? Do you think it’s okay, or do you think it’s crossed a line? Sound off in the comments!

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