It has been hinted that Cortana will be returning to Halo alongside Chief in Halo 5, though perhaps not in a familiar fashion. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering how important a character she has been in Halo lore, despite the fact that she seemingly died in Halo 4.

In a recent issue of OXM, Edwin Evans-Thirlwell went into more detail on the side characters and, in particular, Cortana.

“When not in combat, the side characters serve a purpose familiar from Gears of War, here commenting on goings-on in a manner that raises tension while filling in cracks in the narrative. Frederic, a sombre chap with a scar across his nose, draws your attention at one point to a strange stealth ship parked in the Argent Moon’s hanger.

Idle chatter of this sort helps make up for the absence of Cortana, Chief’s erstwhile AI comrade, though we suspect that the effects of her departure on his emotional life won’t dissipate so easily. A ghostly cameo later in the level suggest not.”

Do you want to see Cortana as a ghostly cameo or should 343 boldly do away with the character completely?

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