Yada yada yada, some joke about status affects. Anyways Bethesda has collaborated with beverage company Carlsberg to create a Fallout 4-themed beer, uninspiring titled Fallout Beer. It’s a light-colored pilsner lager that apparently offers a “refreshing zesty hoppy taste and a floral aroma.” and has been brewed with a blend of malted barley and “selected hops”. The Fallout part of the beer is the snazzy vintage looking label, depicting a mushroom cloud and a fallout shelter around a banner that reads “Inspired by Vault-Tec Industries.”. I can’t personally speak to weather the drink is actually good or if it’s just a really cool label on weak beer but apparently the alcohol content is about 4% by volume meaning it’s about as strong as a Bud light, so if your not a heavy drinker the experience should be fairly pleasant.

A 12-case of the Fallout Beer is available to preorder from amazon for £29.99, but only in the UK. Unfortunately, according to Amazon, it cannot be delivered to the US or Japan due to certain restrictions. The beer goes on sale November 5, five days before Fallout 4’s release, so if your in Britain and are wanting to enjoy the Fallout 4-experience pre-release than know you know what to do.

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