For the first time in the series, the upcoming Halo 5 Guardians campaign will feature squad commands for players to play around with, although this is not mandatory.

In a recent issue of OXM it was confirmed that…

“You can tap the D-pad while aiming at an object, character or area to issue a context-sensitive command, such as Revive or Pick Up Weapon. You aren’t required to do this to progress – the AI heroes take care of themselves – but it could make life easier when you’re pinned down and bleeding, unable to reach the Fuel Rod gun on the other side of a room.”

So it seems that Halo 5 can be a more tactical, slow-paced shooter if you allow it to be. What are your thoughts on this implementation? Willing to try it out or rooting for the traditional run and gun approach?

Halo 5 squad

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