Released April 21st of this year, the first-person shooter Killing Floor 2 created by TripWire Interactive has garnered very positive reviews on Steam even though it is still in early access, and much of that can be attributed to the developers continued hard work perfecting the game and adding new perks and weapons. Well, they are back at it again adding a new perk: Gunslinger.

In the latest developer update on Steam, a follow-up to last weeks official Gunslinger announcement, they give out more information on what the new perk will bring including photos of the new weapons: the Model 1858 Revolver, M1911, Desert Eagle and the .500 Magnum Revolver.

Gunslinger. The perk name brings certain classic imagery to mind. Wisps of smoke lifting from the barrel of a 6-shooter as the eye of the gunslinger becomes visible through the clearing smoke. So what better to talk about than the weapons of such a Perk?

In addition to that, they have announced additional tweaks such as making the flashlight a body component instead of attaching it to weapons as well as audio and options to better round out the game.

If you would like to check out the game for yourself, Killing Floor 2 is currently still in early access can be purchased on Steam for $29.99 for the regular version or $39.99 for the deluxe edition.

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