The words slipped out of Famitsu’s pages and the next character to be revealed after Zangief is the rumored ‘Brazilian’ new character called Laura. Wearing a colorful array of bracelets, green capoeira fighting clothes and half cornrowed hairstyle, Laura also seems to have channeled the missing Blanka’s electric powers. Her fighting style looks to have a lot of striking and grapples that seem to work with her mastery over her element. She’s not exactly written off as a grapple character as shown in the images below, but she does have a mix between a fighting style that uses grabs and the flexibility of capoeira.

There’s also a new stage shown in the images: a street side in Brazil which would naturally belong to Laura. The background of the stage looks exquisitely detailed, especially in the midground behind the characters. It’s a bit strange that Samba dancers would be in their full get up and just out and about in the daylight celebrating the wizardry that is Laura as she smites down Ryu. But it does add to the electric atmosphere.

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