It’s day six of the Crimefest event for Payday 2 which means another day of additions. Previous days of the event had soured relations between customers and developers through the additions of the safes included in loot drops at the end of every heist. Originally, these safes would be obtained through drops and the player would then need to purchase drills with real life currency. Today, Overkill announces that drills will now be added to loot drops during the card select screen after heists alongside safes.

Initially, the safes contained weapon skins that had a chance to have mods or stat boosts. The turmoil comes from the obtuse pay wall that existed in order to open these safes with drills that could only be obtained through purchasing them. This meant that players who didn’t drop money on these drills to open these safes would be locked out of obtaining potentially extraordinary weapons. Now that drills are available in the loot drop helps to alleviate this issue somewhat. The issue still remains that because of the two new items are added to the loot drops, it decreases the odds to obtain exactly what you want. This is significant especially as these two items can only work with each other and do nothing alone. At least now the option to buy drills out right doesn’t seem as egregious as being forced to buy one in order to open up safes.

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