Prison Architect is mere days away from leaving Steam early access, and the developer Introversion has released some new information regarding the game.

For starters, players will be taught how to play the title through a four chapter story experience, there was a short introduction already in place, but this story will better serve as a tutorial for new players. The sandbox is still available from the get go for users who are already familiar with how the game works.

Also coming with the launch of the game is a new way to play called ‘Escape Mode’. Obviously there are no prizes for guessing what it’s all about. Instead of being in control of a prison, you’re locked up in one with the ultimate goal of escape. This mode is compatible with any of your own creations and the 11,000+ maps in the Steam Workshop.

You can, as you would imagine, tackle this task in different ways. You can hunt around for useful tools to tunnel out, recruit other inmates to be helpful distractions (don’t let them know that), or you could try my patented method – just leg it out the front. There are more imaginative ways to escape I’m sure, but I’m a fan of the classics.

For a presentation of the game and its new features from EGX, give the video below a watch.

Prison Architect version one will be released on October 6th.

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